Chabad Hebrew school allowed my children to learn to read Hebrew, learn about the holidays and have fun. In a short time, my sons could learn about their Jewish identity, culture and religion while participating in fun activities.

--Deborah Butteman

Excellent program with a lot of thought put into it!

--Elana Vaupotic

Rona loves coming to Hebrew school. She learned to read Hebrew, loves participating in different activities and learning more about traditions.

--Irina Sanders

Thank you for such a great year for my son. He acquired knowledge about Jewish traditions and culture.

--Marina Davidova

….having just moved my 2 daughters into the public school system; Chabad Hebrew School was the best option to keep them both learning about and connected with Judaism. My girls enjoy it very much and are always proud to show me their incredible arts and craft and Chagim related projects….

 --Raquel Freiwirth, mother of Galia and Liat

The Chabad Hebrew School has given my son a place to learn, explore his Judaism, and grow up within a Jewish world. The dedication of the staff and the Jewish experiences that he was exposed to were with a lot of thought and meaning. Getting to his Bar Mitzvah age I can appreciate the road he took in Hebrew school.

--Lily Bouskila

Rabbi Baitelman, Chanie and the teachers at Chabad Hebrew School have worked hard to create a wonderful learning environment. They have encouraged my children to learn at their own level, and made them feel comfortable asking pertinent questions regarding Judaism. This positive environment offers convenience of location and a fun social network, in a nurturing environment. The fact that my children are eager to take time away from their weekends to go to Hebrew School each Sunday morning speaks volumes. I am so impressed with what they have been able to accomplish in such a short period of time. Chabad Hebrew School has most definitely exceeded my expectations!

--Tanya Schneiderman, mother of Hannah and Max