Israel Connect


By connecting experienced adults in our community with the younger generation in Israel, Israel Connect aims to improve the lives of lives of all involved.
The goals of the program include: 

  1. To offer Israeli youth long-term, personalized mentorship and academic support in reading and speaking English. In Israel, access to postsecondary education hinges on English proficiency, as English comprehension comprises one-third of the entry exam. Frequently, English instruction is only available to those in higher income brackets, and Israel Connect is working to reach students in other echelons of society. 
  2. To enhance the lives of volunteers. Volunteers are engaged and energized by the experience, knowing that their contributions will have far-reaching impacts.
  3. That all parties involved become deeply connected to our shared Jewish heritage through learning, laughter and joy. Israel Connect is committed to celebrating our community’s storied past and exciting present – and connecting the generations as we do it!
    To volunteer for this incredible program please call Shelley at 604-789-5806.