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  • Sunday & Legal Holidays - 8:30 am
  • W ednesday - 7:30 am - Minyan (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday - 7:30 am, Davening, Usually no Minyan) 
  • Shabbat and Yom Tov - 10:00 am

We sustain a daily Minyan:
With hard work and a dedicated community we are proud to be able to sustain a daily morning Minyan. This guarantees that whenever someone needs to say Kaddish for a loved one or one needs to receive an Aliyah (being called to the Torah) they can! We have a Minyan every Sunday, Wednesday and Shabbat

Practically speaking; 10 is not enough:
However, we need your help to ensure that the Minyan will be well attended and run on time. Experience has proven that although only 10 is necessary for a Minyan, to cover absentees and guarantee acceptable starting and finishing times you need a total of 14 individuals.

What a Mitzvah:
To be part of a Minyan and allow others to say Kaddish and perform other associated Mitzvahs is a great Mitzvahs you can do. Our sages teach us that those individuals that perform this Mitzvah reap great reward for them and their entire family, worth way more than a million dollars!

Become a Minyanaire:
Whether you can commit to everyday, twice a week, once a week, one day a month or just for special occasions like a birthday or Yahrtzeit, everyone will welcome you with open arms into the Minyanaire Club.
Just show up at the right time and the Rabbi or fellow Minyanaires will guide you through the Minyan and make you comfortable. Don't forget to stay for fresh coffee after the service.