Israel Connect pairs each tutor/mentor with a student who is eager to improve their English language skills. Mentors commit 60 minutes once a week to one-on-one video meetings, via Zoom with their student, using the Israel Connect curriculum. Click here for more information.

What kind of mentors are you looking for?
The ideal mentor is generally a retired or semi-retired individual [preferably a native English speaker], with 60 minutes to spare in the morning, once a week. But we happily welcome anyone who is available to make the weekly commitment.

Do mentors need teaching or tutoring experience?
Mentors do NOT need to have an education or teaching background. Israel Connect provides training and the curriculum. All you need is a desire to help Israeli youth learn English.

What are the technology requirements?
Mentors must have a computer, smartphone or tablet with internet access, and an email address where we can send our curriculum and updates. We provide training and tech support to use ZOOM.

Do I need strong technological skills to be a mentor?
To ensure everyone is prepared for success, Israel Connect offers mentors training in the use of the simple video chat software Zoom. We also offer real time technical support, so that mentors and students enjoy a smooth connection during their sessions.

Do I have to speak Hebrew?
Hebrew language is NOT required.

When do the sessions take place?
Due to the 10-hour time difference, sessions take place in the morning hours of our North American mentors’ day. Every set of tutors and students is given a consistent time and day of the week when they hold their sessions.
Where do the sessions take place?
The students participate mostly from HOME, while the mentors can work from anywhere with an internet connection.

How long a commitment do mentors need to make?
Mentors and students meet for 30 weeks throughout the school year.

How do I sign up?
To join our global network of mentors, begin by completing the simple application form here. Once you do that, you will be contacted by an Israel Connect representative to fulfill some security requirements (an informational interview and background check). We will schedule a training session (45 mins. – 1 hour) so that you understand how to use our system and the curriculum. During this training session, your weekly availability will be noted, and sessions scheduled. You’ll receive the curriculum once a week via email. Thank you for joining our team of dedicated mentors, ensuring the success of Israel’s future! For more information or to volunteer please call Shelley Civkin at 604-789-5806.

How old are the students?
Generally, the students are in grade 9 or 10, and are preparing for their University Entry exam to be taken throughout the year of grade 11.

What if I’m not available for my session one week?
If ever you’re not available to hold your scheduled session, Israel Connect has a system that identifies substitute mentors. All you need to do is contact the Israel Connect scheduling team to let them know.

Do I have to be Jewish to be a mentor?
Absolutely not. We welcome mentors from all backgrounds who are committed to making a difference in the lives of Israeli students.

Does Israel Connect work?
Israel Connect has chosen an online, immersive approach because research demonstrates that it works. Language immersion is proven to be one of the most effective, engaging, and enjoyable ways to learn a new language. Israel Connect’s success speaks for itself. It is now the number one external provider of services to Israel’s Department of Education.