Israel Connect pairs each mentor with a student who is eager to improve their English language skills. Our tutors/mentors dedicate 60 minutes each week to a one-on-one Zoom video meeting using the Israel Connect curriculum. By the end of the school year, students have the skills and confidence they need to succeed in the national university entrance exam.

This goal-oriented program leads to exciting and tangible outcomes:

•    It offers Israeli youth consistent, personalized mentorship and academic support in reading and speaking English. Frequently, one-on-one English tutoring is only available to those in higher income brackets, and Israel Connect is working to reach students in all levels of society.

•    Increases economic and social mobility for Israeli youth. In Israel, access to good jobs and post-secondary education hinge on English proficiency. Mastering English is crucial for success in Israel. 

•    Increases students’ confidence, language skills and access to higher education, which puts them on the path to economic and social mobility. Israeli youth get better jobs when they have good English skills. Israel Connect gives them the skills and confidence they need to succeed.

•    Our volunteers are more than mentors — they are role models. By investing their time, Israel Connect mentors make a life-long impact on young Israelis.

•    Strengthens ties between the diaspora and Israel. Mentors and students become deeply connected to our shared Jewish heritage through stress-free learning. The Israel Connect Program is committed to connecting generations of Jews. Israel Connect is committed to celebrating the Jewish world’s rich past and exciting future.

•    Enhances the lives of volunteers. Volunteer tutors/mentors are engaged and energized by the experience, knowing that their contributions will have far-reaching impacts. It’s a win-win situation!

Israel Connect’s success speaks for itself. It is now the number one external provider of services to Israel’s Department of Education. Israel Connect provides hundreds of kids yearly with an efficient and effective way to learn English, simply by chatting with a mentor over Zoom. We provide the systems, curriculum, training, security, substitutes, and technical support to assist our mentors and give our students the immersion experience they need.