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You don’t need to appreciate falafel to appreciate Israel. It’s the holy land. The promised land. The land that’s just a little bit misunderstood.

Meet the new CTeen U class that promises to deliver an important Israel-education. Because there’s a lot more to it than hummus! 

When it comes to Israel, it’s hard to ignore all the noise out there. How do we sort out the valid critique from the blatant anti-Semitism? What does the Torah say, and what do I truly believe? Finally, what facts do we need to advocate for the little country that’s always getting bullied? 

When: Sundays 7:30 – 9:00 pm
October 30 (23 weeks)
Where: Chabad Richmond
Fee: $495. USD (subsidies available)
Register: www.CTeenu.com/register Discount code: CTEENRICHMOND & CANADA