Freilach25 - Sunday, June 19, 2022 

This event marks 25 years of the Baitelman’s service, commitment, passion and dedication to our community, and celebrates the Chabad Centre for Jewish Life & Learning.

Rabbi Yechiel and Chanie Baitelman’s mission is simple – to help and nurture every Jew in the community, spread love of Torah, and strengthen Jewish life and Yiddishkeit. Committed to carrying out the Rebbe’s work, the Baitelmans have impacted countless members of our community with their unconditional kindness, support and love.

Freilach25 not only honours and celebrates these pillars of our community, it also celebrates Chabad Richmond’s 25th Anniversary. To mark this milestone, we will be hosting keynote speaker NATAN SHARANSKY!

We invite you to consider joining us not only as attendees, but to support our Tribute Journal, which will be gifted to all attendees. We are expecting 750 in attendance. The Tribute Journal includes opportunities to promote your brand through advertisements and offer congratulatory messages to our Honourees.

The Freilach25 event will adhere to orders by the BC Provincial Health Officer in place at the time of the event. As of April 8, 2022 Proof of Vaccination is no longer required to access indoor events. Masks are optional.


Keynote Speaker: Natan Sharansky

Best known as a Soviet refusenik, Natan Sharansky’s name is synonymous with human rights. Sharansky was a Prisoner of Zion in the former Soviet Union, and a leader in the struggle for the right of Soviet Jews to immigrate to Israel.

Following his request to make aliya (immigration to Israel), Sharansky was arrested on trumped up charges of treason and espionage. He was convicted and served nine years in the Gulag. Sharansky was released in 1986, making aliya on the very day of his release. Since then, he has served in four successive Israeli governments, is the recipient of two prestigious international medals, and has authored four books.