Iron Dome with Ari Sachar

  • Have you ever asked yourself what is Israel’s Iron Dome Missile Defence program?    How does it work, and why has this become the secret sauce to Israel’s defense artillery?

    Ari Sachar lead team engineer in the development and implementation of Israel’s Iron Dome defense program will be the launch speaker for the 2021/2022 Jewish Learning Institutes (JLI) Adult education program here in Richmond, November 1st.   Event sponsor Rabbi Baitelman is excited to host this year’s event "as the safety and security of the people of Israel is put into jeopardy daily with a barrage of missiles fired into high-density population areas". 

    Canadian born Ari Sachar, described living in Israel before the iron dome implementation as fragile at best.  "Our only protection was to run into bomb shelters"  Today, all of those threats have been "addressed and quashed" said Sachar.  "Today we now have the luxury of knowing where the rockets are coming from".   The numbers tell the true story.  With 92 percent or 4000 incoming rocket "kills" deflected since the program initiated in 2011,  the dome is considered highly effective. 

    Sachar who has briefed nearly one half of the US Congress on Israeli Missile Defense, including a briefing on Capitol Hill at the invitation of former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and former Israeli Ambassador Michael Ore understands the partnership in funding this $1.5 Billion dollar state of the art defense program.  The capabilities of this defense system goes far beyond missile defense, register to find out more about Iron Dome program and the enthusiasm that Sachar brings to this presentation.  Sachar is entertaining, funny and well versed in sharing his role and the success of the Iron Dome program with audiences around the world.

     Event:    Monday, November 1st
    Time:     7:00 pm (PST)
    Where: Zoom


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