Happy Purim!
Join us for Purim at Chabad Richmond
Megillah Readings

Saturday, March 23rd
8:30pm Megillah Reading
Family Megillah Reading and Kids Purim in Pajama’s at Chabad Richmond

Sunday, March 24th
Services 8:30am
Megillah Reading 9:00am
Purim Services and Megillah reading at Chabad Richmond

Sunday, March 24th
11:15am Megillah Reading
Megillah Reading and Purim Brunch Bash at The Bayit, 10791 No. 3 Road, Richmond

Sunday, March 24th - 2:00pm
Megillah Reading with coffee and Hamantaschen at Chabad Richmond

Please contact the office if you would like to schedule a megillah reading at your office, school, or other central location!

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