These protocols adhere to the guidelines and advice provided by the BC Ministry of Health, the BC Provincial Health Officer, the BC Centre for Disease Control and was developed with the input of Dr. Patricia Daly the Vice President, Public Health and Chief Medical Health Officer for Vancouver Coastal Health and others. It is based on the current situation and will be revisited regularly and updated as needed.  The current guidelines state no more that 50 people at one gathering.

Code of Behaviour:

  • It is imperative that every person attending services is symptom-free Symptoms include, cough, fever, shortness of breath, runny nose, or sore throat. If you have the slightest doubt about your health or the health of those living with you, please stay at home.
  • If you have traveled outside of Canada, please do not attend services until 14 days after your return to Canada.
  • These services are open persons  age 11 and up. Everyone must adhere to all of these protocols.
  • Face masks must be worn at all times and worn correctly, covering both your nose and mouth.
  • Upon entering the tent or building, each and every person must sanitize their hands and is encouraged to use the available hand sanitizers at every opportunity. Please refrain from kissing the mezuzah or the Torah.
  • You must reserve to attend a service as reservations will be limited to 49 people.
  • Proper physical distance must be maintained before, during, and after Services, including during the Torah reading.
  • Shaking hands, hugging, touching, or passing items between people must not occur, except between members of the same household.
  • We cannot guarantee zero transmission of COVID-19 at these Chabad services. Each individual, and in particular attendees in high-risk categories, should weigh the risks and benefits of attending services in consultation with a medical professional. No one should feel compelled to attend services, and should only attend if you are completely symptom-free.