Cunin Voight

Life Insurance

We are grateful to those who choose to work with Chabad Richmond, ensuring Jewish continuity. The multiplier effect of life insurance is an outstanding strategy to help the Jewish community far beyond your personal finances.

A charitable gift of life insurance is a pioneering way to deliver a legacy gift to Chabad. There are several ways to donate life insurance.

How Life Insurance works:

  • You may contribute a new or existing policy by transferring the policy to Chabad Richmond.
  • You name Chabad of Richmond as the owner and beneficiary of the policy.
  • There are substantial benefits to both you and our centre.
  • The premium payments may provide you with a tax deduction. 
  • The endowed gift to our center is often substantially larger than the amount used to fund the insurance policy.
  • The insurance policy proceeds pass directly to Chabad outside of your state and are not subject to probate. 
  • Gifts of life insurance are an affordable way for younger donors to make sizable gifts, with some tax advantages.
  • This is a wonderful opportunity for young leaders to make a defining statement about the Jewish future.

Always speak with a professional advisor before making any decisions. For more information please contact our office.