“Hebrew High was always something I looked forward to. Every Sunday evening we would get together at the shul, learn a little Kabbala from the current JLI course, some Halacha on the upcoming holiday and of course nosh. For me though it was more than just a place of learning, it was the hang out place where all the Jewish kids would come. A place where we freely debated everything from marriage to the Holocaust to the existence of G‑d and why we are here.”

Sgt. Ayala Ragetli, IDF

Dear Rabbi Baitelman,
It has been only a couple of years since I took the course on Ethics with you and there hasn’t been a day that’s gone by without something coming up that was relative. I really miss being able to rush home after class and tell my friends and family what new things we had discussed. I still manage to bring up many of the topics that were covered and being a first year undergrad at Simon Fraser University, it has helped immensely with my philosophy class on morals and ethics. Many of the topics are similar and having the experience of discussing them first hand in a small class environment is much more effective than with a class of 350 students. Having taken the class has helped me to succeed with endeavours that I have pursued academically as well as personally. I must say that the class on ethics was definitely worth taking and very enjoyable. I wish you the most success with further classes and I know that future participants will benefit as much as I did.

Jordan Kipnes


My experience with the Hebrew High Jewish youth learning program offered by the Chabad of Richmond was one of great enjoyment. Having always had an interest in Jewish based topics, Rabbi Baitelman’s teaching was not only appealing but inspired me to inquire further into such matters, so much so that till this day I continue to participate in the adult programs offered. The classes were filled with interesting debate and discussion, and I never left without feeling a deeper sense of the topic at hand. Another great aspect of the program was that it often related to many of the topics I studied in both high school and currently in university. I have often relied on the knowledge and insight of Rabbi Baitelman to help me with my arguments in my philosophy, political science, and law papers. Overall the Jewish youth program was an excellent addition to my young learning experience.

Clayton Rubinstein