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National Jewish Retreat

National Jewish Retreat

August 8-13, 2017 / 16-21, Av 5777



Join Rabbi Yechiel and Chanie Baitelman
this Summer at the National Jewish Retreat

About the Retreat

Let the power of Jewish thinking enrich your life. Spend five days of learning and discovery with master Torah teachers. Explore new ideas and expand your horizons in an open, embracing environment. Relax, reflect, and refresh your spirit in a luxurious setting. Meet new friends and experience meaningful Jewish living. 

Demanding schedules and hectic days can leave little time for your spiritual side. At the National Jewish Retreat, you will embark on an exciting journey with our inspirational scholars and experience Judaism.

You will discover that Jewish life is not just for the study hall and synagogue, but for your personal, day-to-day living.

At the retreat you can expect lively lectures with dynamic delivery and interactive workshops from world-renowned experts that will help you forever unlock your inner, spiritual reservoirs of strength, passion and fulfillment.


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